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OutOfForests: Thank You. OFFLINE

//Everyone who sent me private messages and those who sent me public messages….

Thank you. thanks for existing. You’re worth it. Thanks for making me feel worth it. 

To everyone else who follows me, talks to me, roleplays with me…. to everyone who has ever even said hi to me.

Thank you, too. You’re all the best.

Take care. That’s my time for the day. I’ll see you all Monday. <3

Anonymous said: Seems like you haven't gotten any.. MUSICAL anon'a lately... Heheheheheheheeh

//if you do i will be like 30% more happy

//update: chrome caved under pressure as i threatened to close the window; turns out it wash the dashboard all along.




When there was no response, Zelda broke the stare she held with the bandit to glance Shadow’s way. He looked completely still, and didn’t speak a word. She called to him again in a meek voice, but there was still no response. It was only when she saw the dark sword form in his hand that she realised what was happening. After all, it had happened before. The energy surrounding the three of them was growing by the second - not visible to the eye, but the princess could feel it. As light energy drained the strength of those allied with the shadows, dark energy certainly did the same to her.

The bandit looked in surprise at the blade, not at all suspecting this from two youngsters. No… This was supposed to be easy game for him. Weapons may have been expected… But this…No. What was this kid?

Against her better judgement, Zelda stepped toward Shadow, and gingerly touched his shoulder to try and get his attention. If she could, she had to stop this. Or at least try. Law breaker or not, this man didn’t deserve… What she predicted. There was practically no response from her friend, and she wasn’t sure if it was on purpose. “Shadow, please… Let’s just go…”

All of a sudden he dashed toward the man, and before she could do anything more to try to stop him, bloody chaos ensued. Zelda raised both her hands to her mouth, choking back a scream as the man was literally torn apart. Without really issuing the command, her feet started to stumble backwards, trying to put some distance between them and her. Her brain refused to properly register any of it, leaving her mind completely at a blank as terrified tears streaked down her face.

One hand lowered to curl into a fist at her chest, the other returned to nursing the wound on her arm, her own clothing stained with blood. What was there to say? To do? She felt as though her muscled had frozen up, like gears that stopped working. She couldn’t move. And then… She watched him turn to face her, sword still raised menacingly.

"N-No… No no no nononono…" Her voice was little more than a hoarse croak, though quiet. But then, everything seemed quiet at that moment. "Y-You… S-Shadow, you…" Zelda wiped her eyes with one hand, blood from her shoulder wound streaking around her face as she did. Her legs still refused to move. Only her voice seemed to function, if only just. "S-Shadow, stop…"

The demon watched carefully as she wiped the tears from her face, narowing his eyes when a streak of blood was the result of her doing so. 

Seeing now that she wasn’t moving towards or away from him, he took slow steps towards her, sword still raised.

The moment she spoke, he took the moment to lunge and begin a swing of the blade in her direction.

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//No, Chrome, It’s not like i would like to see if this is dashboard or messages, i mean what would ever make you think that.

Anonymous said: I won't say who I am, (though by that you can probably already tell..) But cheer up soon, kay? I'm rooting for you, Shawn-sempai! //sparkle sparkle

//Oh no, that’s fine, I respect that. Do whatever you’re comfortable with. I’m pretty slow when it comes to catching onto various things so i wouldnt be able to figure it out that easily anyways. I normally focus on how people type, but I’m lost with you, my friend! Haha, you’re pretty good at hiding yourself. Then again, Like I said, I’m not the fastest person.

Anyways, thanks a bunch, Anon. I’ll cheer up uwu Thanks for this. Really, thank you.

Anonymous said: I love you Shawn and I really hope your day/night gets better. You are a great person and even though I don't know what is going on, I know you don't deserve this, you are a good person. :)

//it’s always these cute little anonymous messages that manage to make a person smile, y’know? Even on really bad days, it definitely has an effect. Whether that effect is big or small, it’s definitely something.

I really, really appreciate this. Thank you.

aviandfriends said: SHAWWWNS NONNIE WE NEED YOU TO MAKE THE SHAWNIIEEE FEEL BETTERRRRRR, but anyways, I'm all ears if you need someone to vent to! :3

//Haha, thanks Ne-mun. It’d be nice to vent, but right now i want to focus on what you and i are currently discussing privately. I’d hate to turn the attention onto me.

askshadowlinksvoice said:((Well i hope your all good, dont worry bout stuff too much alright, i know we dont talk but still, hope your day gets better))

//thanks man, means a lot, really. i’ll try, cant make any promises though :P

we do need to talk more too haha

askyoungzeldablog said: "What’s the worst that could happen?"




"All we can do is find out, yeah?"


Zelda let go of a breath she didn’t know she had been holding. “Thank you.” She looked out past the cliff edge down at the town below, and above it, the castle. The dragon had taken them quite high up onto the mountain, at least saving them the climb. She’d heard that this place was riddled with caves and tunnels, many of which carved out by the Gorons and their eating habits.

“…It all looks so small from here… The town I mean…” Zelda murmured quietly. It was so strange to the princess, to see her home - rather, her whole world should she have obeyed her orders more often - look so insignificant and far away. 

She shook her head and blinked, knocking herself out of the wondering trance she so often fell into. “Sorry, so…” Looking around, it didn’t take long for the princess to spot a cave entrance not too far away. “How about some cave exploration?” Zelda flashed him a grin.

He nodded to acknowledge her appreciation. Crossing his arms, Shadow gazed over the land, having seen a similar view many times from his home in the Tower of Winds.

Glancing sideways towards the Princess, he smirked. “It’s smaller than it seems, huh? Yeah, I feel like I havta tell myself that a lot… Y-y’know, days I visit you…Dumb stuff, don’t worry about it.” He scoffed, hiding a blush the best he could on his shy, pale face.

Shadow looked to the cave she had noticed and smirked, chuckling. “Oh you bet. I’m sure this’ll be one helluva time.” He looked over to the dragon that was curiously watching them with a puppy-like head tilt. “Drake, go somewhere, be off. I’ll whistle when I need ya, you big salamander.”

Understanding his master’s orders, the beast jumped off the cliffside, pounding its wings against the air below, taking flight and heading towards the woods. Turning to Zelda, Shadow smiled and nodded. “Let’s check out this cave system.”

OutOfForests: Moods

//Apologies if replies are not at their peak today, i’m kind of in a bad mood.

nor worries, nobody really did anything to upset me, its just me thinking too much about stuff i shouldnt overthink

emerald-link said: Em pushed a short black haired boy at shadow "Keep him company for a while. I can't handle him right now..." ("Don't go Em, I only want to have some fun!")




"The hell d’you expect me t’ do with a brat? Around me, he’s gonna get himself killed, you know."


(“A few small villages. An entire forest. Or at the base of Hyrule castle”)

Shadow took each of the mentioned locations into consideration. “Hmm….” Thinking about the consequences for each area, he had to make a choice to keep things going his own way. He didn’t want someone else to destry the Castle, nor could he afford his second home to be destroyed. Pointing to the map, he spoke up. “How ‘bout this town here? They got nothin’ goin’ for ‘em, I hear.”

askshadowlinksvoice said: "Oh look at ya, your a little guy now." He ruffled the young boys hair. "Guess i should call you Lil B now huh.."




The lad huffed. “I’m not little!!”


"Alright then Shads, you can call me Voice." He looked around. "Little- i mean..a guy like you out here all alone, aren’t you afraid?" He asked him.

The brat raised his eyebrow at Voice. “Me? Scared? I ain’t scared o’ nothin’. Why? Are you scared?”

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

emerald-link said: Em pushed a short black haired boy at shadow "Keep him company for a while. I can't handle him right now..." ("Don't go Em, I only want to have some fun!")




"The hell d’you expect me t’ do with a brat? Around me, he’s gonna get himself killed, you know."


(“Now where to light it?” Eric took out a map and look at a few points in particular.)

The shade looked over Eric’s shoulder curiously. “Got anywhere in mind?”




(( Well yeah, I won’t really need to do that since I got more people to talk to since the last few days. I actually couldn’t stop smiling. ))

//That’s awesome!! i wish you best of luck, then!